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Welcome to The Adult APP

Times change and we all want to have in our smart phones the latest applications that come either games or any security application. We do not want to fill the gap that exists in the consumption of porn on smartphones since there are applications of all kinds but there are not any of this issue or they are not made because people do not trust anything.

From TheAdultAPP.com we are creating a site where you can have that application of your porn website on your smartphone since not everyone is at home and want to see the latest in the film industry of porn.

All our applications are Webview created with Android Studio, we do not do more than show you through this system the porn website of the downloaded application we do not ask for special permits you only need to choose and download the application that you like and have it on your mobile to enjoy the best porn

Not being able to integrate our page in Google Play we had to do it independently trying to find a name to be familiar to the people and that is more reliable when downloading an application.

APKs are nothing more than mere files where our application is created when you download one of them you can see all the porn you want on your phone and you will decide whether to delete it or not.

If you want to have the application of our website Theadultapp.com you just have to click here and you will have theadultapp.com on your smartphone. You can download as if it were Google Play on your mobile phone.

Little by little we will be putting the best porn websites without forgetting other topics related to this as Dating, Cams and Games for adults.

We only hope that you enjoy our site and that your visit here is pleasant.

We want to remember that if you enter from PC you will not find applications, you will only see links to the pages that we have converted into APKs if you later want to have that page converted into an application so that you do not have to search it from your smarthphone on our webpage the downloads install it and you will have the application of your page.

For now we do not create applications on IOS but in the future if you are a user of this operating system you will also have your porn applications so you can enjoy wherever and whenever you want.