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Hello friends: I know, I know – it’s been a while since I did a game review but I’m keen to tell you all about Jerk Dolls and why I think this 3D title is one of the most promising around when it comes to rendered erotic gameplay. Everyone knows that DownloadPornAPK has been on the cutting edge of world-class sex games for a long time and as such, I only bring you the creamiest goods from the hottest developers. Will JerkDolls get a stamp from me, or is it a steer-clear situation? Read on: I’ll let you know soon enough what my full thoughts are!

Signing up to JerkDolls

Jerk Dolls officially released its closed beta title in February of 2020. Right now, you’re able to sign up and play the game without having to pay, although the game will eventually transition into a model that derives revenue in the future, likely on a freemium model (more details on that later). Account creation only requires you to provide a password as well as an email address: it doesn’t get much easier than that, right? DownloadPornAPK likes streamlined solutions to porn gaming online and this is definitely one of them. Those places that take ages to join suck, so I’m glad that from start to finish, JerkDolls is done in a matter of seconds.

The title options with JerkDolls

So JerkDolls actually has a number of options for you when it comes to gameplay. Firstly, they do have a mobile edition that doesn’t run through an app – I haven’t played it, but the screenshots seem reasonable. If you are on a desktop, you’ll have the ability to play JerkDolls via your browser or by utilizing a download. What’s really cool about this is that there are no real differences between the two options, except for the fact that the browser option is limited to 1080p whereas the download can go to 4K. The servers here were speedy: I was able to grab the entirety of the game in about 3 minutes, thanks to my connection being capped out at 18 MB/s. Installation was quick, plus you don’t actually need an active Internet connection to play JerkDolls – cool!

Options in JerkDolls

One of my favorite things about JerkDolls is the versatility you have when it comes to character creation. We all have an idea in our minds of what the perfect chick looks like, right? Well, JerkDolls really assists in giving you access to your dream broad: you’ll have over 100 different options and buttons to play with. Control height, weight, body shape, tattoos, nose width, toe length, skin shade, hair color and so on. You’ve got a virtually unlimited number of combinations to explore – that’s pretty cool if you ask me! Note that also comes with preprogrammed selections if you’re not really in the mood for designing. They even have a few 3D models which are themed around pornstars and celebrities: that means you can go ahead and fuck Megan Rain, Taylor Swift and Pokimane with no issues whatsoever.

JerkDolls gameplay

Although this is technically a game, you don’t really have any storyline or plot to explore. There are a few scenes to skip through, but the basic premise here is to design the woman of your dreams and then proceed to fuck her however you wish. You’ll find a variety of locations and backdrops for your adventures, so that’s quite cool. We’re talking million-dollar apartments, private jets, warehouses, public toilets, shanty town prisons and so on. has a bunch of different positions and speed modes for you to fiddle with too. They’ve got a comprehensive oral sex feature, as well as a ‘cumshot camera’ when it’s time for you to blow your load. Plenty of alternative fetishes are able to be indulged in here, including gloryhole sex, fucking machines, gangbangs, footjobs and so on.

My final thoughts on JerkDolls

Look friends: I rarely come across free sex simulation titles like JerkDolls, so I think it goes without saying that this particular spot is going to get a full letter of recommendation from DownloadPornAPK. I’ve worked for a long time to uncover some of the hottest hubs around for gaming goodness and genuinely believe that everyone is going to love JerkDolls when they try it out for the first time. Bottom line: get your ass over to now and sign up for a free account. You’ll love this XXX simulation game – that’s a guarantee!