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Looking for Japanese cam girls at Sakura Live? The Internet really is a miracle to perverts. Porn tubes serve up millions of hours of hardcore smut, all available at a click. Cam sites step up the game by letting us interact with real live sluts via webcam. Taking that innovation a step further, translation software has now given us access to cam babes around the world, regardless of whether or not we speak the same language. Sakura Live has been connecting perverts everywhere with sexy, naked, and submissive Japanese women for the better part of a decade.

Just think about that for a second. A generation ago, you had to hit the Asian massage parlor if you wanted a quick and dirty encounter to satisfy your yellow fever. hooks you up with a pervy chick who will literally help you get off all the way from Japan, right now. Your credit card is discreetly billed, and you don’t have to risk arrest on the sketchy side of town.

Get A Load of This

The landing page before you log in looks pretty much like a typical cam girl site. Row after row of pretty faces smile at you, hoping to entice you into their room for a show. What sets SakuraLive apart from other sites is that most of the girls are Japanese. In case the porn-pink background doesn’t tip you off, the FAQ lays it out for the dimwitted: Yes, SakuraLive is a sex site.Really, though, the pics should tip you off. Most of them look pretty innocent, but there are enough girls in fishnets or lingerie that you know what you’re in for. There’s even a chick on the main page with a toy stuffed in her twat. A cartoon heart is pasted over the pink stuff. They’re saving that for paying customers.

A few blonde-haired, blue-eyed faces peek out among the crowd. I was a little surprised at first, but then again I’m the kind of guy who likes a slice of apple pie with his sushi. If that offends you, I guess you must be new around here, huh?

If the gorgeous girls in front can’t convince you to come inside for a better look, check out the FREE VIDEOS link at the top. It’s a quick selection, but it gives you a damn good idea what to expect in the live shows. Japanese girls do stripteases and finger their tight pussies. A couple of lesbians fool around for the camera. One lithe young babe gets fucked by a goddamn machine.

It’s a pretty fucking effective advertisement. As hot as the videos are, everything is sexier when you’re watching it all happen live. I couldn’t wait to see this shit for myself.

Cyberfuck through the Language Barrier

One of SakuraLive’s major selling points is its in-page translation feature. It will translate the depraved chatter you’re banging out with one hand into Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. Whatever she types on her end will also be translated for you. This is especially great news if you’re the kind of cheap-ass who’s going to linger in the free chat areas.If it’s part of your kink that you don’t understand a damn thing she’s saying, just turn the translation feature off. I get it. Squeals of orgasmic pleasure are the same in every language, am I right? Keep in mind that she can also turn it off on her end if you can’t behave like a responsible and civilized sexual deviant.

I know some of you get a real kick out of flashing your throbbing member at broads over the Internet. SakuraLive has a cam to cam feature if you want them to see what kind of freaky shit you’re up to on your end. It’s also useful if you just want to give them a friendly wave to say hello. Whatever.

Let’s Watch Live Nude Girls!

The main page looks the same after logging in, you’ll just get full access to the cams instead of being bounced to a sign-up screen. You can sort through the all the sluts with shows currently online by Available, Started, Private, HD Camera, Has Toys, or by the number of views. If you’ve been here before, you might have saved some to your own Favorites page.This beauty with big eyes named NamiXOX caught my attention. She looks awfully innocent in her pic, which I’ve learned can hide some kinky interests. I clicked through to her profile to learn a few things about the young lady, and also get a glimpse at what’s happening live. She looked cute in a blue sweater, but I wanted to see her out of it.

I entered the chat. Nami immediately said hi, aided by the in-page translation. The girl didn’t waste any time. She immediately asked what I wanted to see.

“What can you show me?” I asked.

“Ok,” she said. “I’m going to take my clothes off.”

Nami is a shy chick compared to exhibitionist Western sluts, but that’s a big part of the appeal of a site like this. Her subtle hesitation as she revealed her succulent little tits got me rock-hard in seconds. I asked her if she had a toy.

She responded with an enthusiastic, all-caps YES before holding the pink toy to the camera. She held it against her clit and got louder as I increased the toy’s level of vibration.

Try to keep an eye on your credits while you’re watching the girls. The total will creep steadily down. Broken down per minute, the rates are pretty fucking reasonable to watch live girls play with themselves just for you. If you’re tipping often, and you should, it can add up quickly.

Narrowing Down the Options

As soon as I logged in, before watching NamiXOX, I actually clicked straight to the Search page. I checked off a few boxes to narrow down who I’d like to watch. In this case, I was looking for an 18-24-year-old with large breasts, who also had a toy. I clicked Search.SakuraLive brought up a healthy selection of really healthy looking babes. I clicked the first one on the list, a chick with the clever and sexy name ai0834. In her profile pic, she’s wearing a surgical mask and has her tits out in what appears to be a public playground. That’s my kind of girl.

Unfortunately, when the cam window popped up, it told me the Performer Is Not Online. No biggie, right? I’ll just try another from this big search page. Surely, at least one of these stunning Asian cam-whores has got to be performing right now. Live shows are what the site is all about.

I clicked on a MILF with giant boobs, and then on a pair of lesbians in their underwear. I tried a babe in a dress and another in nothing. I clicked on a bunch of Asian girls and a few White ones. I got the same message every fucking time. Performer Is Not Online.

You can add a cam girl to your favorites so you can find her later, but it’s kind of fucking stupid that you can’t filter your search down to chicks who are online. I’m trying to squeeze the happy lumberjack right now, not at some vague time in the future.

Besides the busted-ass Search page, my only other issue with the site would be that it’s built on Flash. That’s a bit outdated, but it would be a big and expensive overhaul. I expect them to outgrow this, provided the site sticks around and continues to improve. I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Overall, SakuraLive is a fucking badass cam site. They know it, and they’re not shy about letting people know, either. The entire time you’re browsing the site, there’s a golden titty emblem framed by laurel leaves in the bottom corner of the screen: they’ve won the 2015 through 2017 Best Japanese Adult Webcam Site award from Adult Webcam Awards.

Cam sites may be a dime a dozen these days, but they’re not all created equal. SakuraLive has outlived a lot of the competition with its focus on beautiful Japanese webcam sluts. If that’s the itch you’re looking to scratch, why waste your time combing through a different site?

This is the place to be for live Asian action.